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Welcome to Ms. R Tutors. We are the leading provider of in home tutoring in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our tutors have extensive experience in providing instruction in Math, English, Science, French, Spanish and many more. In addition to core subjects, our tutors can help your child learn crucial organizational strategies and study skills that help performance in all areas.

Ms. R Tutors has a strong background in education and the expertise needed to help children succeed. We work to provide each child with outstanding instruction and to increase your child’s confidence. Building self confidence is essential for students to reach their full potential and enhances performance in all subjects.

Our tutor comes to you for convenient instruction in Math, English, Science, French, Spanish and other core subjects. If needed, our tutors will prepare lesson plans for the tutoring session.  The lesson plans are designed to reinforce concepts and areas of weakness, while teaching upcoming concepts.

The tutor will communicate regularly with you and keep in touch with you and your child’s teacher throughout the school year. Regular communication helps to ensure quality instruction and helps us to continue to meet your child’s needs. Using this feedback allows us to tailor our instruction to your child’s changing educational needs.
Home Tutor In San Francisco Bay Area
  Providing effective one-on-one tutoring for all core subjects for students in K-12
  Developing lesson plans to meet the specific needs of each student
  Organization and study skills
  Keeping relations with classroom teachers and parents
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